Saturday, December 19, 2015

Name-calling is escalating at the GOP kindergarten.

Know what? Aside from a four-hour nap after lunch I’ve been tweaking the Howdygram non-stop since 7:45 this morning! My latest round of changes includes exciting new sidebar graphics and the return of an old favorite (Pee Wee Herman), slightly smaller sidebar titles, a new copyright graphic, a whole new tagline and an updated “the” for the Howdygram’s banner. All are illustrated below for your possible interest. Thank you for giving a crap about this.

In a fit of uncontrollable fury as his presidential campaign circles the drain, Jeb the Nebbish called Republican frontrunner Donald Trump a “jerk” earlier today at a town hall in New Hampshire. He followed up by trading inflammatory jabs with Trump on Twitter, particularly concerning Trump’s pride in Vladimir Putin’s endorsement. Bush wrote: “A real leader would stand up, not suck up, to bullies and despots like Putin.”

Unfortunately, this is just another example of a jerk trying to out-jerk the king of jerks. On Friday night Trump tweeted to Bush that Jeb had “embarrassed himself and his family with his incompetent campaign for President.” And “the last thing our country needs is another BUSH! Dumb as a rock!’

What a sad and pathetic display from BOTH of these frightening clowns. I think the Republican party should send them out of the country with a juice box.

Sam is making Marcy’s World Famous Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Bowl for dinner tonight and it’s time to migrate into the family room so I can coach him through the recipe. I’ll try to come back later and write another post, okay? Thank you for reading this!

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