Monday, February 9, 2015

I watched 15 minutes of the Grammy Awards last night.

I wrote a post yesterday about canned cheese for senior citizens but forgot to tell you where to buy it. This was an oversight of monumental proportions and one that I certainly hope I’ll never repeat in my lifetime. Therefore, click here to buy these wonderful little cans of really excellent Australian cheddar cheese from Pleasant Hill Grain.
If you open both ends of the can you can push out the entire little cheese wheel and do whatever the hell you want with it, such as cutting it into wedges, shredding it, melting it, cubing it or enjoying it as a high-protein Frisbee. This product is a wonderful convenience for housebound senior citizens like yours truly. Sometimes you have a craving for a nice big wedge of fresh cheese but can’t get to the store, so if you keep two or three cans in the refrigerator YOU’LL NEVER BE LONELY AGAIN. All for $4.99!

You know what else I forgot to do yesterday? I also forgot to mention that I watched about 15 minutes of the 2015 Grammy Awards on TV until I couldn’t stand it any more. The only artist I recognized was Paul McCartney, who’s 72 years old and looking kind of pruny. (I think he dyes his hair.)

In any event, I thought you might appreciate the Howdygram’s pick for the worst-dressed losers from the red carpet. You’ll probably recognize Madonna, who should be ashamed of herself at 56 still wearing weird shit like this, but I have no idea about the other yahoos pictured here. Are they musicians?
I have to eat breakfast now but I’ll be back later, okay? Thank you for reading this.

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