Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The state of Texas is overrun with elected shitheads.

In case you believe that insomniacs like yours truly lead an inspirational secret life, at four o’clock in the morning there’s absolutely nothing to do except sit at my desk in the study with the Howdygram and a teeny bottle of diet Mountain Dew. Also a thermometer due waking up for no reason about 15 minutes ago and I don’t think I feel well. There’s nothing for you to worry about, however, because I don’t feel well at least once a day.

Know what? I think this would be a fine time for another Putz of the Week award! Today we’re recognizing Texas State Representative Cecil Bell, a right-wing douchebag in a hat who serves in the state legislature in Austin. On Wednesday, anticipating that a federal court will soon strike down the state’s gay marriage ban, Bell proposed an unconstitutional bill that would suspend the salaries of any state employees who grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
While the bill is being called the “Preservation of Sovereignty of Marriage Act,” House Bill 623 actually has nothing whatsoever to do with preserving marriage. In fact, it’s aimed at PREVENTING marriage. Bell says the bill intends to “prevent the federal government from imposing moral standards on Texas” by prohibiting taxes and other public funds from being used to recognize same-sex marriage.

The bill also requires that: 1) state courts automatically dismiss legal actions to challenge any provision of the bill and award legal costs and attorney fees to defendants; and 2) the state cannot be subject to a lawsuit for complying with the act even if it’s contradictory to a federal ruling. They cite the 11th Amendment as justification, which grants states sovereign immunity.

Unfortunately, Bubba hasn’t studied his U.S. history. (I’d actually be surprised if he even went to school.) The Supreme Court rejected state nullification of federal laws in 1798 — just 11 years after the U.S. Constitution was adopted — guaranteeing that Cecil Bell’s anti-gay temper tantrum will get shot down by the federal court just as they shot down Texas v. White in 1869 with the ruling that TEXAS CANNOT IGNORE A FEDERAL LAW WHENEVER IT WANTS TO OR PUNISH STATE EMPLOYEES WHO OBEY IT.

The state of Texas is overrun with elected shitheads. There’s just no other explanation for embarrassments like this.

Night-night, y’all.

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