Friday, January 9, 2015

I need to jump in the shower because I’m freezing to death again. No, you can’t watch.

I was rattled out of bed way too early again this morning with hypoglycemia. If you’re into details, my blood sugar was at 52 — and that’s PRETTY DAMN LOW — so I’m parked at my desk with a bottle of Wal-Mart store brand glucose thingies (fruit punch flavor; my favorite) and thinking about how much I’d rather be in bed. Since it’s already 8 a.m., however, I might hang out here for a little while in case Sam calls on Face Time because he’s REALLY REALLY SICK, he’s still in California and I want to make sure somebody’s taking care of him.

The Howdygram has another celebrity death to report today: Rod Taylor, who starred in such mega-hits as The Birds (1963) with Tippi Hedren, The Glass-Bottom Boat (1966) with Doris Day and The Time Machine (1960) with Yvette Mimieux. You know what’s scary about this? I just recorded The Time Machine a couple of days ago on TCM, which is like some kind of FREAKY CELLULOID PREMONITION FROM THE AFTERLIFE! Rod Taylor was 84.
True confession: I used to think it was pathetic of Hollywood to keep casting Taylor as an Australian — i.e., Les Mangrum in The V.I.P.s (1963) — because his talent to do accents was ATROCIOUS. Then I found out Taylor was actually born in Sydney and the atrocious accent is how he talked in real life. (Go figure.)

Before I jump in the shower because I’m freezing to death again I thought I’d share this video clip of a 90-vehicle pile-up on I-94 near Kalamazoo, Michigan, that shut down the interstate in both directions. The wreck began earlier today during white-out blizzard conditions and zero-visibility lake effect snow, something I recall vividly from my past life when I lived in western Michigan for six years AND HATED EVERY FUCKING MINUTE OF IT. Incidentally, even though the video refers to 90 vehicles the total count has increased to 124 according to the Chicago Tribune. Holy crap.

I have to warm up now in the shower. No, you can’t watch.

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