Sunday, September 14, 2014

Announcing another delicious convenience for housebound old ladies with shitty knees.

Know what happens when I get hungry? I buy amazings edible things on the interwebs! Last night I reordered more of that surprisingly tasty YODERS CANNED BACON from the nice people at Pleasant Hill Grain. I love this stuff, guys. Yoders manages to shove 52 regular-size slices of fully-cooked, ready-to-eat bacon in every can ... no more greasy frying pans or bacon shpritzies all over the stove! I ordered two cans this time. One for now, one for later.
But wait ... there’s more! I also decided to try Pleasant Hill Grain’s intensely popular CANNED CHEESE FROM AUSTRALIA because it sounds like another delicious convenience for housebound old ladies with shitty knees like yours truly. For only $4.99 you get a half-pound wheel of genuine white cheddar — not a dip or a spread — that you can slice, dice, cube, grate or decorate with ruffled toothpicks for the next Junior League soirée.
For your possible interest Pleasant Hill Grain also sells canned pork sausage and canned butter (from New Zealand!) in addition to a complete line of very nice canned meat for senior citizens that I use for many of my popular recipes. Thank you.

Sam and I are really enjoying all the racy pre-Code movies airing this month on TCM. Yesterday we watched The Story of Temple Drake (1933), a gnarly William Faulkner drama about rape, murder and sweaty southern bootleggers starring Miriam Hopkins, William Gargan and Jack La Rue; and a risqué bedroom comedy called Design for Living (1933) with Fredric March, Gary Cooper and Miriam Hopkins having a three-way hoo-hah in Paris.
Today’s agenda includes a trio of Jean Harlow gems as soon as I finish the rest of my Sausage McMuffin: Red Dust (1932) with Clark Gable and Mary Astor; Bombshell (1933) with Lee Tracy and Frank Morgan; and Red-Headed Woman (1932) with Chester Morris and Lewis Stone. TCM is showing pre-Code movies every Friday in September. I listed all the Howdygram’s recommendations for you in an earlier post [click here] so you can program your DVR.

I don’t know if you’ll give a crap about this or not, but I don’t feel very well today. It started with a freaky middle-of-the-night coughing jag that lasted about 45 minutes, and now I’ve got a raw throat, low body temperature (95.9°) and a mild headache. Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s a cold. Maybe I should just go back to bed.

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