Thursday, July 3, 2014

Everybody loves fun little whatnots.

Sam is on his way to Tom Thumb to pick up 50 two-liter bottles of back-ordered Coke Zero (don’t ask) while I hold down the proverbial fort here at Howdygram headquarters. To keep myself entertained in the meantime I just downloaded a few thrilling new FREE FONTS even though I swore I’d stop collecting the damn things last year after my hard drive had a nervous breakdown. Here they are for your possible interest.
Cowboy Movie is a “distressed” all-caps wild west font, Cooper Hewitt includes 14 styles ranging from Extra Light to Heavy WITH ITALICS, Zulia Pro has lots of alternate swashy letters and flourishes, but my absolute favorite of the bunch is Dude because it comes with a companion font called Dude Catchwords that’s packed with fun little whatnots such as those pictured below. Everybody loves fun little whatnots! And while I was trolling for whatnots — fun, little or otherwise — I also downloaded Charcuterie Catchwords.

I’ve got a news bulletin from the department that oversees Sam & Marcy’s Adventures in Inadequate Remodeling. I just learned that Tim, leader of the glass people, will be here on Monday to adjust the shower door in our master bathroom (again) so the damn thing won’t swing open and spray soap and water all over the floor. This will mark a milestone of sorts ... it’s the 11th attempt to restore our shower to pristine functionality since Clayton and the grout people first began screwing with our lives back in March. Please stay tuned for further developments.

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