Thursday, July 10, 2014 is better than Hormel tamales.

I think somebody filled my head with concrete today when I wasn’t looking. It’s 4:30 Thursday afternoon and I woke up from my afternoon nap TWO HOURS AGO but still can’t focus, concentrate or stop wanting to go back to sleep. I tried to snap out of it by shopping for beautiful food (see examples below) online at Artizone but that only made things worse. Now I’m tired AND HUNGRY.
FYI, Artizone is basically a local gourmet farmers’ market that offers home delivery in a refrigerated truck plus a friendly middle-aged driver in a red apron who shleps everything RIGHT INTO THE KITCHEN for you. This is a VERY COOL CONCEPT, people, especially when you’re a housebound senior citizen with mobility issues such as yours truly and occasionally want to expand your dining options beyond canned Hormel tamales from Amazon. Artizone sells: organic produce; fresh meat and seafood; regular grocery items like ketchup, olives and canned soda; all kinds of fancy fresh heat-and-serve entrees; ready-made salads; crackers; dairy products; pastries for people without diabetes; fresh-baked bread; chocolate; jam; dry rubs; flavored oils; cheesecake; sauces; salsas; coffee; tea; honey; nuts; seeds; pickles; gourmet ravioli; ice cream; hand-made tamales; spices; olives; and Texas hot sauce. Holy crap, right?

I think I’d better inject a pile of insulin, eat something fast and lie down again. I’m having a very disoriented afternoon.

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