Thursday, June 19, 2014

It’s another fantastic enter-to-win Howdygram giveaway!

Thanks to a shipping error by Amazon I’ve got a fantastic ENTER-TO-WIN GIVEAWAY for y’all tonight! Check out the details after the jump and use the embedded link to enter or click here. We’ll announce the big winner on Monday, June 23.

This is a brand new DVD collection of the world’s cheesiest science fiction movies featuring all of these unforgettable titles:
  • The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (1962) starring Virginia Leith as Jan-in-the-Pan, a talking severed head that’s being kept alive in a dish of grape Kool-Aid with wires and electrodes while her mad scientist boyfriend (played by Herb Evers) tries to find a suitable replacement body, preferably a stripper. When Jan gets bitchy HE TAPES HER MOUTH SHUT (this is actually the best part).
  • The Neanderthal Man (1953) starring Beverly Garland as a waitress and lots of people you never heard of.
  • The Amazing Transparent Man (1960) about a lunatic with a secret formula and a plan to create an army of invisible zombies.
  • Reptilicus (1961), the Danish interpretation of Godzilla with a vomiting rubber sock puppet terrorizing Copenhagen. And ... IT CANNOT BE KILLED BY ATOMIC BOMBS.

As long as I’m discussing movies I think I’ll take a couple of minutes to review one that I saw this afternoon: Cardinal Richelieu (1935) starring shrively little British-born stage actor George Arliss in the title role along with Edward Arnold, Maureen O’Sullivan and Cesar Romero.
You know what? Every time I get ready to watch a George Arliss movie I always convince myself in advance that it’s going to stink ... AND I’M ALWAYS WRONG. Cardinal Richelieu was no exception. Arliss gave a really fine, understated performance as the scheming power-behind-the-throne in 17th century France and even managed to look like the actual Cardinal Richelieu. Plus it’s a hoot to realize this teeny little dude began his acting career in 1878 and we actually get to see him ON FILM. Holy crap, right?

I’ve got an update in case you’re following Howdygram headquarters’ ongoing email disaster. Our addresses with Network Solutions are still not functioning, incoming email is still winding up in an obsolete webmail account and tech support Einsteins at both companies haven’t got a clue how to fix it so they bounce me back and forth between departments until my phone battery drops dead. (This actually happened.) Last night Sam and I finally talked about dumping our email addresses on Monday after he gets back from California and I’m totally fine with that. And incidentally, if the billing department won’t refund our $67.29 we’ll just dispute the credit card charge. Hey, we paid these losers for email service AND OUR EMAIL DOESN’T WORK!

I just realized it’s already midnight and time to take a shower, inject insulin, take a small mountain of pills and maybe watch another movie with snacks. There are so many exciting things to do! Thank you for reading this.

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