Sunday, June 15, 2014

I’m partial to anything that includes eating and sleeping.

It’s still Father’s Day and I can’t decide what to do with myself. At the moment my options include: 1) continuing this Howdygram post; 2) a lot of food; 3) watching Life with Father (1947) starring William Powell and Irene Dunne; 4) a combination of items 2 and 3 concurrently; and 5) taking a mid-afternoon nap to augment the extended late-morning nap that concluded about an hour ago. Personally, I’m partial to anything that includes eating and sleeping but would appreciate your unbiased opinion if you’d care to share it with me here. Thank you.
An uninteresting item of note: Sam hates Life with Father but I don’t know why (and he can’t explain it, either) because he’s very fond of Irene Dunne and William Powell. Therefore I only watch this movie when Sam is working, sleeping, not paying attention or out of town. (Today he’s out of town.)

I’ll probably be back later so try not to close your browser, okay?

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