Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another cholesterol medication bites the dust.

I’m tired but can’t sleep due to spazzy neuropathy pain in both feet and my heels are burning, therefore I’ll just sit here and annoy you until everything settles down. I’m hoping this won’t take long because I really need some sleep. (Insomnia always spikes my blood sugar.)

Hey, I’ve got a few HUGE EVENTS coming up this week! First, UPS is delivering my Lay’s jalapeño kettle chips today, and Sam promised to go to Tom Thumb to buy Oscar Mayer pickle & pimiento loaf and American cheese. On Wednesday he gets to pick up an insulin refill for me at CVS pharmacy on Belt Line Road but NOT Dr. M’s latest recommended cholesterol medication because a few hours ago I decided to refuse it.
Dr. M prescribed Prevalite powder in pre-dosed packets that you’re supposed to stir into juice or liquid twice a day. After reading 63 patient reviews on WebMD, however, I decided HOLY MOTHER OF CRAP ... NO WAY. And here’s why. Doctors usually prescribe Prevalite for uncontrollable diarrhea, not for high cholesterol, and 60 of those WebMD reviews fell into the diarrhea category. Only three reviewers took Prevalite for their cholesterol, and of those three, one said it worked, although not very well, while the others had to discontinue it due to nasty side effects that included MIGRAINES, NAUSEA, SEVERE CONSTIPATION and FLATULENCE. All 63 reviewers complained about the taste (bitter) and texture (gritty).

The bottom line is, I’M NOT INTERESTED IN THIS CRAP. There has to be a better way. Please send me an email if you have any suggestions, okay?

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